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Artist Statement

Handbuilding and throwing are vastly different ways of working with the same medium. One is forgiving, flowing, but sometimes tedious. The other requires a sense of balance and centeredness, but is quick to self-destruct. Both necessitate concentration and patience. I've found stability where I crave them both and easily rock back and forth, many times resulting in works that are amalgamations of the two.

My work is intended to be relatable and evoke contemplation of self or world issues through fairly unrealistic and whimsical forms. It can be a reflection of human problems in fantastical imagery and much of it is intended to be uplifting or positive. From a zipper in a place where a zipper just doesn't belong to a sloth riding a gull, I love pushing imagery past the balance of normal into a silly place in my mind's eye, helping the viewer to leave in a better mood than on arrival.

When I began creating sculptures, they were simple, whimsical, light hearted creatures. Over time I started having dreams of sculptural concepts that related to some of the current social events in our world. Currently, I am creating a body of work for an exhibition compelling reflections on empathy. Sometimes it feels like we're living in an unkind world. The outcome of this project is not meant to make an audience feel empathy. Rather, its purpose is to encourage reflection on the feeling of empathy and the value it plays in communities. I hope to help emphasize the kindness that happens around us every day, even if we cannot see it as clearly as we should.

I thrive on functionality but also embrace the beauty of loving something as an object and not just through its utility. My favorite creations were made for everyday use but also to incorporate an element of beauty or whimsy into everyday activities. Experimenting with different throwing and

building processes has allowed me to reflect my own emotions into pieces, and I hope that as I grow as a sculptor I will be able to inspire more complicated responses from viewers.

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